Thursday, August 7, 2008

What is Dannon Trying to Say About Activia?

I get it that Dannon is selling a product that helps digestion. That's cool.
Digestion is important. I like to digest almost all of my food.
I like yogurt.
Somehow, as a man, I get the feeling that Activia isn't for me though.
Why is it that the commercials only have women? For the purpose of this entry I'm saying Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't count as a dude.
They talk about helping digestion in the same vague way as commercials in years past had pleasant chats between mothers and daughters about that not so fresh feeling.
Is this a woman thing? Is it a menopause thing? I dunno. Could someone explain this to me? Thank you.

EDIT: Looks like it's just a marketing thing according to Slate.
Wikipedia has an entry too.

My question is why market exclusively to women? It sounds like a delicious product, but I can imagine the looks I'd get if I were spotted consuming it. No, actually I can't, I'll need to give that a try and report my findings.

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