Friday, August 8, 2008

Steve Jobs and Apple are Playa Hatin' the Environment!

Steve Jobs, I'm calling you out on this one!
I learned that "I Am Rich" is no longer available at the iTunes store.
How dare you kill "I Am Rich"?
"I Am Rich" is the most environmentally responsible addition to the bling-industrial-complex and you killed it?
What the hell is wrong with you Jobs? Instead of buying "I Am Rich" for a very unreasonable, yet easily reachable, $1000, now morons will buy spinnaz or some other bling that actually requires real resources to create. "I Am Rich" requires nothing. It doesn't do anything bad to the environment.
I was going to buy "I Am Rich", but now I'm going to have to do something else like ask my dentist* to make a new grillz with diamonds that were mined by children, or some other way to let the ladies and the playaz know that I can waste money in creative ways.

*This article is satire. To the best of my knowledge, my dentist does not do grillz.

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