Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm going to have to get used to this

I just received word that I now have security clearance to use the elevators before 7:00 AM. What's interesting about this is I made the request for access just this morning. Within a few hours someone acknowledged and serviced a request.
My expectations have been set by working in a culture where any access request can be expected to sit for a minimum of a week, often to be denied by an unnamed person with no explanation. I don't know how a culture can evolve in a supposedly successful company where that type of behavior is considered acceptable.
Kudos to my client for not being dysfunctional. Am I going to think my client is awesome for every dysfunction that they lack that my old employer had?

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Brian Vaughn said...

Did I tell you I lost CVS access last week? Seems they(evil cvs trolls) turned on some security and manages to take away my access to PointOfService. Filled out a remedy ticket on Friday, bugged my manager to approve it then on Monday got an email it was rejected. I missed a field where I had to enter my user name. Granted in Remedy I had to specify who the ticket was for but I missed it on the attached word doc.

I can still at least do my work. it seems that the security only works to block me from accessing projects I don't already have checked out. Good thing I'm done about a week before my qa date.