Thursday, August 14, 2008

Favorite Tools: Launchy

The unprivileged among us who do not yet have our own Macintosh computers have long envied the Macintoshed few who are able to fire up an application(via Quicksilver) with just a few keystrokes instead of having to:
  1. put your hand on the mouse
  2. locate the cursor
  3. hit the start button
  4. go to programs
  5. find the folder that the program is in
  6. click on the program
whereas the Macintoshians are able to magically get some little window to appear and then type a few letters and their app shows up. GRRRR!!.! I swear every time I see Nate Schutta give a presentation where he can pull up whatever application and pull off a demo whenever he wants with absolutely no effort whatsoever it makes me furious with rage.

Ok, I'm exaggerating, but Quicksilver's a pretty cool program that was enjoyed by few.

Launchy does the same thing. Launchy works on Windows. Launchy works on Linux. Launchy is open sourced. Launchy is free. What could be cooler?

Load up Launchy and you will be ing your applications open.

1 comment:

Brian Vaughn said...

HA HA whatever. Those us that know all Apple products suck would never want a Mac. Just cause it's trendy doesn't make it good. I'll take my Dell laptop WITH VISTA over a mac any day.