Friday, April 20, 2007

Rule #1:Be nice

One of the most influential moments in my life was when I was just 17. My mom woke me up and told me that my grandmother was en route to the emergency room.
Grandma's cancer struck a heavy blow that morning. For the past ten years, she fought her lymphatic tumors like a champ. She lived an active life and never ever complained to others about her symptoms.
I remember the emergency room was pretty quiet that morning. There was no activity until grandma arrived. When she was wheeled in, something special happened. Grandma was completely lucid and smiling. I have no doubt that she was in incredible pain, but you wouldn't know it by her voice or her words. She was polite and patient with the nurses, even when they had trouble finding a vein.
Even though she must have been in considerable pain she never failed to be polite and friendly. She acted like she was trying to help the doctors and nurses with their work, more than she was with trying to relieve her incredible pain.
On that day I knew that I'd have no excuse for being a jerk to anyone, ever.
I try to remember her example as I live. I mostly remember that she was always lively, cheerful, and supportive. I can't think of a negative thing she ever said about anyone.
She's gone. She was one of the very best.
All I can do now is honor her by striving to be those things that I admired the most about her.

Have fun

You may call me FunPaul. I write software for a living now. It been a windy road getting here, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I chose this nomme de plume, or nomme de internette?, because I think it fits my personality and my perspective on life. Having fun and enjoying life is essential to living a healthy and successful life.
I hope that I can share my experience and perspective in a way that is enjoyable and constructive to read.