Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting news over the weekend

Quitting my job did wonders for my golf game. For the first time ever I hit the fairway on my first shot. Awesome! I hit quite a few double bogeys, a bogey and a hand full of +3 shots to finish 9.
It was probably the most relaxed I've ever been on a golf course.
In completely unrelated news, so don't infer that anyone in my foursome said anything, a little bird told me that the center of excellence is being seriously rethought. A reorganization may occur within the year, but people who are thinking about waiting it out, might just want to wait it out. Another little bird whispered that my former VP is not impressing a lot of people and that he may be on his way out within the year. Those were just someone's opinion, time will tell whether it turns out to be true.

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