Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recruiter Deal Breaker Questions

I think that in any industry there are things that can be learned from being asked a question. I certainly pay attention to the questions that interviewers and recruiters ask me before I look at a gig. There are some questions that will kill those gigs for me. 

All of these questions have been asked in the context of an interview BTW.

Here is a short list of deal breaker questions for me:

  • How familiar are you with WebSphere and the Rational Application Development tools?
  • Do you know EJB 1?
  • How well do you work with people with strong personalities?
  • Ever work with MUMPS?
  • Do you have any experience using: ?
  • Have you used waterfall?
  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior?
  • How do you feel about administering our servers?
  • Do you mind working around children?
It's amazing how much can be stated about a job with a question.

Anyone care to contribute their own deal breaker questions?

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