Monday, October 27, 2008

Almost have all of my voice back so I'm going to gripe about things

Being voiceless is not fun when you're the only one in the house with the dog. All of the voice commands that I use for him were useless.

Here's a pro tip for replacing the "Come" command take whatever container that has your dog's treats with you and shake it a little. That is more effective than the "Command". A half empty box of milk bones shaking will get your dog to the door in no time flat, so will a few kibbles in the dog's bowl.

I sound a lot worse than I feel.

Am I the only person who wants to use Google's Chrome anymore? It's the browser of choice at home, and it used to be my favorite browser at work. Chrome isn't playing nice with the corporate firewall though. Looks like I'm back to Firefox.

Having used Chrome for a few months now I can say that it has some great features over the other browsers. I love the layout of the browser, compared to the others it is a lot cleaner, and it doesn't seem prone to getting a bunch of unnecessary toolbars magically installed onto it.

I love being able to drag a tab out of the main window. This is especially good for my browsing habits. I read most of my news through Reddit now. On a reddit page are about 25 news stories. Some of those stories are youtube videos. When I'm consuming my news I like having the option to open a new tab that is a video and drag it into the other window. I can casually listen to and periferally watch the video while reading other stories in my main browser window. That option isn't available in other browsers. It can be done, but it has to be done much earlier.

I've found a few rough points for chrome. One really isn't their fault. The flash player for Chrome is the same as the one they use for Firefox. It can reliably fail if the browser is rendering a page with more than only a few embedded videos--Internet Explorer's player works fine though. The symptoms for Youtube videos is they will play for 2 seconds without sound and then freeze. The only way to reliably fix this is to close all of the instances of the browsers and then restart them. Adobe, please fix this immediately.

My other big gripe is that it somehow isn't working with my client's firewall. That may be a firewall configuration issue.

I don't have a snappy conclusion to this griping, so I will wish everyone a good day.

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