Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10/7/08 Presidential Debate: Can I get my 90 Minutes Back

"That One" that's about the most interesting thing that happened and that one was just a WTF moment.

What's up with having the undecided voters write the questions? Are they really undecided? In a room of about 100 people, couldn't they come up with better questions. The worst question had to be the last one. I'll paraphrase it as "What is it that you don't know?". Was she looking for a Rumsfeldian reply? 

Aside from weak questions and the WTF did he just call his opponent I thought that McCain never showed much energy in the debates. Obama had a much better performance. I'm an Obama homer though.

The town hall format is supposed to be McCain's strongest debate format. I heard one of the newscasters say that McCain's campaign wanted as many as 12 of these types of debates. I can't imagine that boding well for him. 

I was glad to hear that Obama did bring up McCain's record of voting against alternative energy. A while back, Thomas Friedman called McCain out for not casting the deciding vote for a bill that would fund a solar power facility in Arizona. I'm glad that this is being brought to the attention of the American voters. 

Potentially the most damaging thing that McCain did, or didn't do, is shake Barack Obama's hand after the debate. What the hell is wrong with John McCain? Between that and "This One" and the subtle racist attacks that the McCain/Palin camp have been making I can't help but think that people will call to question whether McCain is a bigot

My prediction is that we will be seeing John McCain shaking hands with lots and lots of people who are not white.

EDIT: I almost forgot about a puzzling comment McCain made to a younger black gentleman that I thought was ill advised. I don't recall the question, but McCain rhetorically said in his response that the gentleman had probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. It seemed like a poor choice of words, even if John McCain were trying to express that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not institutions that many Americans were intimately aware of before the crisis. 

More on this at the Huffington Post.

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Brian Vaughn said...

I felt McCain dropped the ball several times in the debate. That young African American asked what was in the bail out bill for him. McCain was thrown a to mention that Freddy Mac's and Fanny Maye's former CEOs are on Obama's campaign.

Neither individual was impressive to me. Or may be the fact that McCain wants to be a socialist for some issues and a conservative on others loses me. The fact that Obama is a black Hugo Chavez disappoints me the most. The US voters seem to be more than willing to rush into a socialist state. I'm calling dibs on the toilet paper line. I'm hoping I won;t be in the soup line or sharing my home with another family.