Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excellent Question: If we can nationalize our banks, why can't we nationalize our health care system?

The California Nurses Association issued a press release that asks: We're nationalizing our banks, why aren't we nationalizing our health care system

I think that we should take steps towards nationalizing our health care. Health is a not a privilege.

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Brian Vaughn said...

Over the weekend I had a conversation with my wife about a friend of hers that moved to Amsterdam for work three years ago. They have a 4 your old boy who's a few months older than my son. They are using a state run health care system and have found it detrimental. You see you can't buy over the counter drugs there. If you want Advil or Tylenol you need a prescription. Funny thing about a state run health care system is they can decide if you actually need these drugs. So when her son was teething and she wanted some children's Tylenol her doctor said no. In Amsterdam they also do not immunize they children like they do in the US either. Thankfully since her son was already being immunized on the US system when she left they the state will continue to provide the required boosters. They are planning on returning to the US as soon as they can. My wife and her friends occasionally make care packages with Advil, Cold Medicine and children's tylonal to send to her.

I think one needs to take a look at how well the government manages road and bridge repair or Social Security and think hard about letting them take over other parts of our society. If we do then were does it stop? Who will decide who gets those ultra expensive drugs as well? I rather the government not decide if I can give my kids the drugs they need to help them through their pain.