Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My favorite cooking show

At No Fluff Just Stuff Ted Neward opined that he hates cooking shows. Ted hates cooking shows because the format of just about ever American cooking show is to show the host throwing ingredients into a pot, mixing them around and then they go to put them into the oven and then BA...might get myself in trouble using that word, KABOO...nope that one's for toilets, ALACAZAM!!! magically a delicious finished meal emerges from the magic oven.

Through the magic of BBC programming on American Public Television I grew up watching Keith Floyd on his show, Floyd on Food. Floyd's format is different. His show follows him as he prepares  and enjoys the dishes. Floyd also cooks with wine, some for the food and some for himself. You just don't see television chefs putting themselves three sheets to the wind during the show anymore. I think that's a bit of a shame.

Floyd on Food, as I watched it was all about delicious food and enjoying a meal and a bottle of wine. His guests were some of the most untelegenic people I'd seen, but they were knowledgeable and genuine. They also had a lot of fun presenting the show.
I went ahead and embedded all of the online clips of Keith Floyd cooking that I could find. I really wish that more resources ware available.  The first and last clips are the only clips from the Floyd on Food that I grew up watching.

The more recent episodes have more polish and better production values, but they also ditch the magic oven format that annoys Neward, Perhaps watching Keith Floyd will change his opinion of food porn. I think we, as a people should really do more to make the world more enjoyable for people like Ted Neward. Just kidding, I'm glad there are people like him who have opinions and are not afraid to share them.

As you may have noticed in the earlier episodes, the people aren't exactly the types of people that you'd see on television today. They're, kind of ugly and plain looking. It's almost as if they chose their guests based on the content of what they have to offer and not because they look good for the camera. I miss that, aside from the Sunday morning political news shows, you really don't see that on TV. 

Even though the people don't look all that good that food looks great, even on a horrible picture.

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