Sunday, October 5, 2008

5 Get Rich Quick Scams People Still Fall For

Cracked, which is my daily crack like addiction, has a good article on 5 get rich scams that people fall for. If you are offended by words that you can't say on television, you are probably the type of person who will fall for this type of scam, so you might want to tough it out.

I consider myself fortunate to grow up with an attorney for a father. I used to ask my dad about these scams and he set me straight about what a scam they are. I assumed that all fathers did this for their children, but when I got to college I learned that an alarmingly high number of people believe this crap.

I remember one roommate in particular who bought the Don Lapre making money toolkit for a few hundred dollars and another friend got into a cult like pyramid scheme.

As a rule, I consider any product that is only sold on television to be suspect. For every George Foreman grill there are about 1000 overpriced garbage products out there.

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Brian Vaughn said...

I've seen a couple late night paid programs with the scantly clad women. I've wondered if they actually make sales. I'm sure those ads get viewers attentions but I doubt they actually get suckers to call.