Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin's Personal Email Account Hacked, Leaked To Internet?

This could be a death blow to the McCain Palin ticket. Gawker is reporting that the Yahoo email address,, that Sarah Palin allegedly used to conduct public business was hacked. 

Details of what is currently known about can be found here:

This could be huge. In my IANAL opinion, Palin exercised very poor judgement using a yahoo address to conduct state business and treaded on very questionable legal grounds. The state can afford mail servers, and I presume Alaska has them. Palin is accountable to the people of Alaska, and she should exclusively use the state's email servers to conduct state business.

It is widely reported that Palin used the Yahoo address to avoid subpeonas.

I have to assume that the person(s) who hacked the account downloaded the contents and will redistribute them over the Internet. If there is any evidence of Palin's involvement in illegal activity, expect to hear about it soon.

It would not surprise me if she resigned from the campaign and resigned her office to spend more time with her family.

EDIT: Wired's Threat Level is also picking up the story:

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Brian said...

All these attacks on her make the democrats look vicious and willing to resort to anything to win. Now I'm not voting for Obama or McCain because I think they both offer more of the same. Still readding stuff like this makes me glad I'm not a dumocrat.