Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brooks Brothers Sale: 25% off entire purchase

I get a lot of people asking me what the logo is on the snazzy polo shirts that I wear. It's the Brooks Brothers logo.

I'm a big fan of Brooks Brothers' clothes, they are extremely well made and durable.

From time to time, Brooks Brothers offers sales on entire orders. They're really a good deal, from 9/24-9/28, Brooks Brothers is offering a 25% off sale on orders with the friends and family coupon code of : friend64.

These codes work with the regular 2-for and 3-for deals. For example: Brooks Brothers offers their golden fleece polo shirts for the price of $99 for two shirts, regularly $59 each. With the coupon code, 2 shirts will set you back $75, or about $37.50 each.

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