Monday, September 8, 2008

Launchy Trick

Launchy is one of the first programs I install on a computer when I start using it. It's very useful.

Here's a trick I use to make life easier. I create a shortcuts directory, usually C:\shortcuts\, and put shortcuts to shared directories, web pages, and useful documents in that directory. I then add that directory to my list of directories in Launchy

For example, if I have a web application with a qa instance on the following server, http://es5a229tq/appname:8054, I'm probably not going to be able to remember all the values, especially if it isn't something that is fresh. I can set a bookmark in a browser. That's an option. But I can create a shortcut that links to that URL and give it a meaningful name, e.g., AppName QA, that's it. ALT + Shift a few letters and I'm looking at my app with the name that I gave it. It doesn't matter that someone gave the resource a name that consists of a bunch of consonants and numerals, I can give it a meaningful name to me. That's very handy.

Now if I need to get to the project directory that's off on the shared drive I can do it quickly without having to dig for it.

If I were still working at an old employer that kept every useful and useless document on their M:\ Drive, I'd try to do this trick to keep from having to go navigate that abomination of a directory structure.

To make adding shortcuts to your shortcut directory easy, why not add a shortcut to the shortcut directory in the shortcut directory. To open it it's + s and you've got it.

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