Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I thought of something really clever to post at lunch

I thought of something really clever to post at lunch that I thought people would enjoy reading. Since then I had to go to a few meetings and I forgot what it was that I was going to post. I'll post it if I remember. Sorry about that.

Ok, I remembered what it was on the drive home. We were talking about how some bars will serve complimentary chasers with drinks. For example, you can usually get an 8 oz glass of beer with a bloody mary or a tumbler of juice with a glass of whiskey. In some places, Boston was given as an example, they don't do this and have never heard of a chaser. I wondered if there were other places that were the exact opposite, they'd give you a chaser for anything. Or maybe any kind of chaser. Maybe they'd serve a chaser for your chaser. So, if I ordered a 16 oz. Bloody Mary, I might be able to get a complimentary 8 oz, bloody mary chaser, and with that a complimentary 4 oz. bloody mary chaser, and so on and so forth. When I'd be finished I could make a series of those russian dolls with all the empty glasses.
Fun talk. Bar owners, think what kind of business running a policy like that could brew up. You'd probably get me in there if I were in the neighborhood and thirsty.

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