Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Essay Regarding Productivity Studies

From Lifehacker: What Productivity Studies Really Show. In a nutshell, what the author of the essay adises is take the productivity study du jour with a grain of salt. Many of them make sense, but many are also blown out of proportion. I think we agree with a lot of the sentiments of these studies. Most of them take a very plausible position and try to quantify them.
Like some of my challenges I've described earlier about justifying a cost savings measure within a vacuum, see cost of cutting cost, the real danger of adopting a course of action based on the analysis of a study is there are other factors in play that aren't taken into account.
My own spin on the issue is keep a skeptical, but open, mind when you read pursuasive materials. Ask questions and do some analysis on your own.

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