Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip report: Minneapolis Light Rail

Yesterday, I attended the Edward Tufte course Presenting Data and Information in Minneapolis. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who values communicating information.
One very cool aspect of going to Minneapolis is I was able to carpool with my wife to the light rail station and ride a train into the city. It was a much more pleasant trip than my usual solitary drive to the office.
It was nice to be able to talk to my wife in the morning. I'd really like to work near her so I could drive in with her.
The train was very pleasant. I was able to do some reading. The thing I appreciated the most about the train was not having to worry about parking.
I looked into taking the bus from the suburb that I live in to the suburb that I work in and it would take an extra hour to take the bus on the way to work and an extra two hours on the way back. I'm willing to sacrifice some time, but I can't give up one eighth of my day in additional transportation.
Transportation is becoming an issue for me and others. It is one of the factors that pulls me away from my current position. Smart companies are going to address this need. They will be rewarded with better talent.

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