Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No more Jeune Lune, No more Carlin

I'm really glad I spent last weekend outside enjoying the nice weather. Otherwise hearing about one of my favorite theaters and one of my favorite performers both dying would have really dampened my spirits.

George Carlin is one of the most influential performers to me. Like George I am a recovering Catholic turned, well let's not get into that. I appreciate his outlook on the world, he left a huge mark in the way I see the world.
71 seems so young.

I only saw one performance at Thetre de la Jeune Lune, The Deception. It was brilliant. I regret not learning about the theater earlier. My understanding of the circumstances of the theater's closing is because of a $1 million dollar debt from unfortunate financial management.
If there were good news, I have heard that the principal creative people are considering starting a new theater company. I would love to see more of their work.

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