Friday, June 27, 2008

Pro Tip: turn your computer off

We're trying to minimize the amount of electricity that we consume at home. One step we took was to put all of our 'vampire' electronics on switched power strips. We cut the power at the strip so the appliances can't consume electricity.
As part of this strategy we're hibernating our computers when they are not in use. I don't know when I started leaving computers on all the time, but it really hits from two sides. The first side is the electricity that it consumes, desktop computers can consume a lot of energy. The other side is the heat that the computers generate.
I was surprised at the difference turning the computers off made. They kick out a lot of heat.
Normally, by the time the weather gets into the 80s we would have turned the air conditioners on. Part of the reason is for the heat in the office. With the computers off when not in use the relative temperature of the office is no longer leading us to prematurely use the air conditioner.

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