Monday, June 30, 2008

Microfiber Trip Report

In a previous post I mentioned that I picked up some microfiber to help out with household cleaning.
The theory behind using microfiber is the surface of a microfiber cloth contains many tiny gaps and ridges that grab dust and other particles much better than ordinary cloths. If you consider the role of soap in cleaning at a particulate level, soap's role is really to encapsulate particles(dirt and such) to facilitate evacuation through rinsing. Microfiber fills the encapsulation role by attaching itself to the particles and evacuating it on the surface of the microfiber cloth.
So far the purchase is paying off. I picked up a couple of microfiber automotive cleaning cloths because they were fairly cheap ~20 for $10. I keep one in the kitchen and have used it for washing pots and pans. The microfiber does an awesome job cleaning and drying them after the rinse cycle.
I've also used it to clean kitchen surfaces with only water. It works like a champ. Just by using a little water I'm able to wipe surfaces clean.

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