Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Project: Rainbarrels

Installing rain barrels and a rain garden is something that we've wanted to do for a couple of years. My biggest concern with getting rain barrels is they seem to be unnecessarily expensive. Most of them sell for around $100 each or more per 55 gallon barrel.

I'd prefer to start with a storage capacity of over 100 gallons. Over 200 gallons would be ideal.

I'm going to try asking some friends if they know where I can get used 55 gallon containers. I'm thinking that there may be some companies that deal with used industrial containers. My only concern with that route is making sure that the containers weren't used for containing dangerous contents.

The other part of my project is looking for a native species of grass to replace our current lawn. I hear that there are some nice grasses that require less water and maintenance.

This diversion should keep me busy for a while.


Brian Vaughn said...

I had to google rain barrel to see if what I though you were looking for actually was what I thought it was. Are going to use the water for your yard and flowers?

I am very happy with the fact I live in a neighborhood no one bothers watering their lawn during the summer. The grass will get dormant but one thing I learned is that you should keep the grass longer during the warm months. It won't get burned out as fast as shorter grass.

I like to keep my lawn like US Open rough during the summer. I almost never water my lawn too.

Paul Wiedel said...

I didn't water my lawn last summer. Most of it is shaded.
I'd like to replace the grass with more native grasses. I've learned that the grasses we use have very shallow roots that don't hold water well.
I'd like to use the rain water to water flowers and maybe start a small vegetable garden.