Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Fluff This Weekend

It's hard to believe that it's time for the Spring Twin Cities No Fluff Just Stuff Conference this weekend.

I've been looking at the schedule trying to decide what sessions I plan to attend. I think I'll follow Ted Neward's sessions on Friday. On Saturday I think I will attend Neil Ford and Ken Sipe's sessions. I know better than to even think about what I want to attend on Sunday--I will probably get interested in something else and attend that instead. But as of now I think I'll probably attend one of Nate Schutta's sessions and one of David Hussman's.

This will be an interesting conference. I would be surprised if it sold out in this economy though. There are rumors that many of the area employers are cutting/eliminating their training budgets. I can respect the decision, but I still think that people are paying a tremendous opportunity cost by not attending.

This will be my fourth No Fluff conference. Each conference I've attended has significantly helped me become much better at what I do. I'm willing to invest a full weekend of my life to attend the conference because I believe the value is outstanding.

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