Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

No camera tricks or gotcha questions involved, e.g. "Governor could you provide an incomprehensible circumlocutious reply full of folksy catchphrases whilst not pronouncing a trailing G in your reply to a simple question?"

She may not be stupid, but she's not well informed and she does not communicate well. I challenge any prospective McCain/Palin voter to properly diagram a single answer of Sarah Palin's.

Palin hid from the media the entire election and now we're supposed to put her in the bullpen for an unhealthy cancer surviving septuagenarian? Like him or hate him, do you want the grossly uninformed and intellectually lazy Sarah Palin inside the White House. She's already been found to have abused the limited power she had while in office in Alaska.

She has also been found to have misused state funds by charging per diems for nights she spent at home and she let the state pick up the tab for unnecessary plane rides for Piper and Willow.

If you feel obligated to vote for Sarah Palin because of her religious beliefs, please consider this. She's likely a caricature of your beliefs. Do you speak in tongues and hunt witches? No? Well maybe you shouldn't elect someone who does to represent you.

I've said my piece. I rest my case. I bid you peace.


Brian Vaughn said...

Honestly does the VP even matter? They have not power and are just used to balance the ticket.

Paul Wiedel said...

Absolutely the VP matters! Does Dick Cheney matter? Considering the feeble health of John McCain and his age, his choice of VP is more important on that ticket than any other ticket in history.

Anonymous said...

While I'm no huge fan of Palin, have you gone looking for Joe Biden gaffs? Remember... _he_ could become president too...

Paul Wiedel said...

Good point toast. Biden did make a few goofs, as everyone does.

Biden didn't come out of nowhere though. Biden campaigned for the Democratic nomination and lost.

My father in law was impressed with him and supported him during the primaries. Here's an article where the New York Times interviewed him during the Iowa caucuses.

But to your point, I am infinitely more confident in Biden's ability to lead the nation as president than Sarah Palin.