Thursday, November 6, 2008

I forgot my monacle

we're hanging out in the lobby of the ordway. I was joking today about wearing a monacle. I just saw a guy wearing a top hat. Haven't seen a monacle yet. Aside from the guy sporting the stovepipe I don't see any sub-quadrigenarians in the house. I like the bars at the Guthrie better.
Question: is yelling Bravo! required every time there's any applause?

Edit: it's the first intermission of The Abduction from the Seraglio. Jolly good show so far. As I needn't remind you cultured readers, the Abduction takes place on a train. Ok, I was kidding there, but it does take place on a train. The dialogue is in English, which is nice. I had never heard the music before. It is beautiful. This Mozart fellow sure can write music. I wouldn't be surprised if he's written other good music. I just checked, he has. I wasn't expecting as much physical comedy. It's a humorous opera.

Looks like it will resume soon. Shhh.

Edit2: after the second act. I read the program a bit. The set is on the Orient Express in the 1920s. I think that this is probably an adaption. I wish they would list the movements in the program because the last song of the second act was beautiful. It's one of those songs thatbworks it's way into soundtracks of movies and commercials all the time. It's nice to get context for the songs.

Pro tip: if you want to unwrap a cough drop that is wrapped in crinkley plastic wrapping without disturbing your neighbors, don't unwrap it slowly next to the ear of the person in front of you. Instead, why not keep it in your pocket, and unwap it there. It's nature's muffler.

EDIT3: Wonderful show last night. I thought the set was brilliant. It was three train cars. The train set extended off stage. It would move to the left and the right to reveal different rooms. Wonderfully done.

My apologies for the lack of links. I was writing from my phone.


Anonymous said...

if you read your program or even the book the opera gave you when you got your membership, you would see that it was written in 1782.

Paul Wiedel said...

I try not to read too much before the show. It's all new to me and I really don't care to have any of the plot revealed before I see shows. To your point about time, my sense of humor was a little dryer than it normally is last night.