Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interesting Read: Why Googlers Quit

Here's a collection of responses from people who resigned from Google regarding why they resigned from Google.

Their responses are not all that surprising. Many felt that the perks did not make up for lesser wages and lesser benefits. Another frustration is the colossally inefficient hiring process.

What I got from reading the responses is, Google isn't all that different from other employers. They go their own direction, but they also aren't perfect.

Google has been incredibly successful in branding itself as the greatest place to work. Maybe it is, but it isn't always the perfect place to work.

I still hold firm on my prediction that the down market will reveal the true character of Google. When the cash flow slows we will see what the true priorities of the company are. We're seeing a reduction of perks in food services and other areas. More are sure to follow.

Will the few at the top sacrifice their perks/compensation to help preserve the many below them? We will see soon enough.

I wish that Google will survive this downturn with the character and reputation of being one of the best places to work. They do a lot of wonderful things and I hope the continue to.

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