Friday, January 30, 2009

From Lifehacker: Instructions for setting up Boxee on an Apple TV

Lifehacker has a nice set of instructions for setting up the free media center software Boxee on an Apple TV.

The cost of an Apple TV is about $200 and the software is free.

There seem to be quite a bit of sources for getting content that don't run the risk of civil litigation. It might be worth trying out.

They claim that it makes a good replacement for cable and satellite television service. I'm intrigued whether I could ever break my addiction to live television. If watching my college team playing football were not such an irrationally high priority for me, I'd probably be happy with dumping the television service.

I wonder if Boxee will make a suitable replacement for the HBO subscription I have now. There really isn't anything on HBO that I feel I need to watch anymore. It seems that every show I really liked has run its course or been canceled.

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