Saturday, April 12, 2008

Electronics recycling event trip report: 4/12, Falcon Heights, MN

We participated in a free electronics recycling program today. It may be hard to believe, but a geek can accumulate lots of unwanted electronics.
As I learned today, so does everyone else.
The recycling program was at the Minnesota State Fair grounds.
People would drive in and stop at one of many unloading sites. At the sites there were volunteers who helped move all of the electronics onto pallets. Each site consisted of a bunch of bare pallets and pallets with heavy cardboard walls--bins if you will. At each site, a forklift moved the full pallets onto semi trailers.
They did a really good job of moving us through. In all, it probably took only about fifteen minutes.
As a geek, it was really cool to catch glimpses of old televisions, computers, and whatnots. It was also pretty amazing to see the sheer volume of unwanted stuff.
Lastly, it is nice to get our closets and storage space back.

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