Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bering Sea Online, fun crab fishing mash up

Bering Sea Online is a fun Google Maps mash up game that plays like you're one of the captains on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. I'm sure that any substantial similarities to the show is purely coincidental--especially the kind that the lawyers are interested in.
The premise of the game is you are an Alaskan Crab fishing captain and you're out fishing for Crab.
BSO is very much a massively casual online game. It has a nice system of dealing with time. Time is the primary in-game resource. Every action requires time.
The game queues up time at a rate of 6 game hours every 15 real time minutes. That way if a player were to wait a real hour, she would have 24 game hours to play.
The game is very much still in beta, but it shows decent polish.
The interface is simple and functional.
BSO is a fun way to burn a few minutes out of your day.

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