Thursday, February 14, 2008

tough row to hoe == tough road to ho

A tough row to ho refers to hoeing a row in a garden or field. Roots, rocks, and other obstructions can make hoeing that row difficult. Hence the phrase 'a tough row to hoe', which means a difficult task.
Many people mishear this phrase and assume it to be 'a tough road to ho'. I find it amusing that if you take that phrase into the context of modern speech that it means, a difficult street to whore.
If you think about it, it really means the same thing even though it is taken out of context and used metaphorically.
My new challenge is to try and find a clever way to use this in conversation.

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B. T. Forsythe said...

Google in conjunction with this blog is awesome. I've always heard it as "a tough road to hoe", of which I couldn't make any sense. This is teh wordcore sex.

And my word verification is "forquer". Guess that's apt if you've got a "tough road to hoe".