Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Management The Answer?

My days are probably numbered at my current company. I'm beginning to feel tired. I plan to finish my current project--about 4 months or so--then consider my options then.
I feel that I will leave within a year because I don't see myself enjoying working at this company as my career progresses. I just don't see the things that aggravate me changing. I do my best to fight the good fight, but I feel like I'm in one of the lone non-dysfunctional divisions of my company, but the dysfunction is creeping in.
When an incident that occurred in a neighboring division was used as a negative example of how to innovate at a conference I think I got the hint that my talents may be better utilized elsewhere.
So I've made the decision to leave. I'm currently in a leadership role in a project that spans to the Summer. I would like to finish the project. That gives me a pretty nice time frame. A lot of hiring seems to happen in the summer.
Ok, the target timeframe is set, what am I looking for?
There's always the more of the same approach. The environment would need to be much more akin to what I want for me to consider that option.
I'd really like to try my hand at managing. At the level of a manager or director I think I could really make a difference. I could try my hand at running a team or a department in the way I'd like it to be run.
How would that be you ask?
That's my assignment. Well, that's the million dollar question.
I would like to have a team that is innovative and dynamic. I want a team that is able to think abstractly and strategically. They need to be able to see opportunities for change and act on it. They need to value quality, but also be aware of deadlines. This team would excel in coming up with creative ideas.
Yeah, this team will be awesome. So if you know of any openings to lead such a team please let me know.
Ok, since that boat will probably never hit the harbor I'm going to prepare to build that team. I see my mission as two fold: environmental and behavioral. I will need to find the right environment for this. I will also need to prepare to lead such a team through my actions. Since it is easiest, I will look at environment first. More to come...

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