Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a way to start the year!

Yesterday I had an incredible breakthrough in understanding myself and why I've done things the way that I have. I realized yesterday morning that from an early age I've lived my life with a fear of rejection. I tracked the origin to a series of multiple events when I was only 11 and 12 that shaped the way I behaved for a good 20 or so years!
The better part of my youth was spent coping, poorly, with this fear. I don't think I really got over it until I made something out of myself professionally.
Part of my coping process caused me to behave in a hurtful way towards people. If you know me, and feel that I've hurt you with my words or actions, I ask you to accept my sincerest apology. It was unfair for me to do that to you.
Have a good year!

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