Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lefty Advantage

Like my fellow 10% of the population I write with my left hand.
As other lefties can relate, the world is not made for us. We all learned that we need to adapt on our own.
I find that this permeates through lefties personalities. For our entire lives we've needed to find ways to overcome the challenges that the right handed world presents us.
I chose to use my right hand for many things: scissors, sports, eating. As a result, I am moderately ambidextrous.
As a side effect, adapting to conditions has never bothered me. I never plan things out in greater detail than I need to. Deviations from a plan are not a big deal. My world is not rigid.
There are people who are not so adaptable or welcoming to change. I bet most of them are righties.

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