Thursday, December 20, 2007


Slavery is real.
I am a slave to many masters.
There are fewer now, but there still are some.
The first master I escaped was smoking. The freedom from that addiction is a gift that I enjoy every day.
The second master I escaped is religion. That freedom is just as sweet.
The remaining masters are lenders. Since I took stock of my situation I have cut the number of lenders in half. With each credit card balance I pay off I feel my anxiety drop.
My goal for the year is to have only our mortgages outstanding in 12 months and to have the remainder of our credit card debts paid off by April. It can be done --about 16,000 in credit card debt left--down from around 30,000.
Another 6,000 left on the car.
I enjoy my life more with each shackle I break.

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